Manully input activity id in WBS in Project Management AX 2012

HI all,

I want to manually input activity id in WBS in PM in AX 2012.

I already change the number seq to manually but it still auto generate id.

What can i do now ? Do i need to develop or customization ?

Number sequence linked to smmActivityId, but the EDT used here is smmActivityNumber which is extended from smmActivityId. May be they have imposed automatic number for this as activities are used in many processes. If you want to opt out then you need to remove this relation and make it independent which is not advisable.


When i remove the ref, it show the mess when creating new Activity in WBS:

Activities cannot be created when the number sequence for Activity Number is set to Manual. Change the number sequence value on the Number sequence references form.

Curious to understand what is the requirement that is forcing you to follow manual number for activity?

In my view, you should follow an Automated number for activity number but you have any other reasons of having reference of a manual number then Introduce a new field for that.

I suggest to not make the activity number to be manual through out the system.

In my example:

  1. Activity 1 has ID: DAT-00010

  2. Activity 2 has ID: DAT-00011

But when I create sub-activity in DAT-00010, it has ID: DAT-00012

So i dont want that.

I want to assign ID 1.1 to DAT-00012

In the other way, can we develop or customs or import from another system to wbs ?

You can integrate Microsoft Project Server 2010 to Dynamics AX 2012 .