We are looking for suggestions to speedify,effectively commence use of the Navision (1) Manufacturing (2) Capacity Planning Manufacturing related modules which have been tested in stand alone mode and wherein we have already created 1.Vendor Card 2.Item Card 3.Production BOM 4.Routings 5.Routing Links 6.Routing timings 7.Requisition system 8.Requisition method codes 9.Variables pertaining to 7 & 8 i.e. reorder quantity reorder cycle etc. 10.All “Set ups” As of the date of commissioning, we would have : - Unfulfilled or partly ffulfilled Purchase Orders - Released Production Orders for which there would be Work-In-Progress comprising - Material drawn by Floor Shop Managers - Machine hours used from the time the production Order was released. - Man hours utilised for work centers We plan to book the carry forward details for the above as follows: (a) For Purchase Orders, create on one time basis, Purchase Orders with " remaining quantity yet to be delivered" as Purchase Order quantity. (b) For Work-In-Progress pass a General Journal/Capacity journal for each released production order with quantity on order, details of material issued and machine hours/man hours spent till then. If you have a better suggestion, kindly respond.

Hi The part purchase orders loaded as quantity outstanding is fine, as long as the correct outstanding invoices are keyed as open into the accounts, so liability for payment is accounted for. Also remember to get the stock correct along with the open outstanding orders and open purchase/production orders or when you run MRP for the first time you will kick off incorrectly and find it time consuming and troublesome to ge the system straightened out again. The production order re-keying is fine, but be aware that depending on the accounting set-up of the previous system and cut-off dates, the re-keying can potentially duplicate figures already entered as opening balances in set accounts as the transactions occurred historically, simply net off the difference if you are bringing across these transactions twice. You mention Capacity planning - I presume you are running through the work centre/machine centre set-ups as part of the routing procedure? Otherwise - good luck! Steve