Manufacturing Setup

Dear Experts,

I am new no MS Navision, i want to implement Manufacturing Module in my Test Company, i want to ask some question, please help, i have confusion

  1. What is the first step, to Create Location Card or Item Card.

  2. Which Data ports need to use to imports masters

  3. how to add opening balance inventory in Items

What are other steps we need to take,

Please help


Rajesh Patankar

Hi Rajesh,

You need to read the functional manual for setting up the manufacturing module in Navision .

You can download the manuals from Customersource/Partnersource

All the best.

Thanks Amol Sir,

But i dont have any customer / partner source.

Any other way to ready Functional Manual for Setting up Manufacturing Module



IF you don’t have access to customersource /partnersource then get it from your partner

or else search on google for the manual.