Manufacturing Routing

I use Nav 5 and have a question in the manufacturing module

In the routings window i can enter only the work center and the number of the workcenter. But actually we have in one workcenter many different jobs. These jobs have fixed times, so this means we have a list of many jobs with times . As a lot of these jobs can be used in different production items, we look for a possibility to store the different jobs and times regardless of the special routing and like to enter then these jobs.

Seems that Navision cannot do this. Further if we print the documents for the production, the docs show only workcenter and Number but does not show the entered job in the workcenter. This means the worker is not able to read from the docs which job has to be done.

I think it is not possible also to enter all different jobs as workcenters, becuase than we get problems with the time planning.

Is there any solution ?

What do you mean by “many different jobs” are you referring to resources or the work going through the work centre?

NAV does not have the concept of a fixed operation time within a work centre, although AX does. The work centre is a descriptive element to the work as well as where it is.

However when you start releasing works orders they will get planned into the work centre and machine centres, and depending upon the capacity and calendar settings and how you alter what is going through you can get a schedule for the work centre showing you the “jobs” but in this case the jobs are the production orders - NAV cannot produce different inherent jobs within the work centre when this distinction does not exist in the software.

The capacity task list displays the production order numbers scheduled by starting time in every work centre.

Depending upon what you are after you might want to look at work centre groups or machine centres with consolidated calendars etc, but if you are after a fixed relationship between an operation going through a resource this is not standard in AX as the operation is purely a numerical step, not what you are doing.

Thanks for message, but it seems than that NAV is not a standard production software. In a normal factory you have your lists with jobs and the times taken by a controller. Also if i would say, ok i cannot store this list and use this database for the routing, i still wonder that i cannot ever see the stored description of the routing order in the printed job cards. They show only the workcenter nr and name but not the description which i entered in the routing…

How you can tell the worker at the machine that he drills only 5 mm deep and not 15 mm if not mentioned in the routing and printed accordingly in the job card? Especially as every job has a different time.

If this is not possible than i offer herwith the NAV 5 for sales for 50 % of original price.

best regards

I am not sure if you are an end customer who has purchased this or a reseller learning it. If you are an end customer talk to your supplier, if you are a supplier consider not selling it if you cannot.

The way NAV handles this is for the routing to be defined, you will note these are not item specific, you attach them to the item.

If you have a “drilling” workcentre and you want the system to tell you the step by step instructions for the work you have these have you have several choices, alter the description of the work centre or add comments to the operation.

Then you design the job card to contain the details you want. If you put the informaiton in the system you can naturally get it out. I have yet to have an implementation where any end customer has taken the out of the box forms and used them, they all modify them to contain the information they require. So your task is to configure your routings appropriately and then produce the documentation from the data within the system. Not difficult, that is one of the strengths of NAV - its flexibility.