Manufacturing Roles

The Canadian and US Cronus sample companies no longer have sample or default roles set up for Manufacturing, and I am told there are too many changes between 2.6 and 3.1 to copy the 2.6 roles. That is the sum total of the assistance I got from Navision support. Does anyone have a set of sample roles set up for Manufacturing that they could share?? Thanks.

I have copied and pasted roles and permissions to an Excel file from a 3.01a Cronus US Manufacturing database. Please provide your email so I can send the file to you. Regards, James

The reason you’ve got from Navision support is not true. The roles/permissions are created at Navision HQ before release of the product, and the local Navision offices only have to translate the names and descriptions of the roles. In US and Canada they don’t even have to translate as the roles are generated in the process of generating the demo company (Cronus) Most likely someone didn’t run that process properly, and couldn’t be bothered to fix the problem.

An update was released Today (Sept-04). Check the North American Partner site. Chris.

Chris - Got it, thanks.