Manufacturing - Product cost of finished goods

May i know what is Invoiced Quantity at Item Ledger Entries? When i running the production, the expected cost and actual cost is correct, but after i posted the consumption journal and output journal, then the figure at item ledger is wrong. Most of the figure is zero, especially the finished goods, it shown me quantity 100, invoiced quantity 0 and remainming quantity 100. For your information, my costing method for finished good is average. How can i increase the invoiced quantity to 100? so that the cost of finished goods will increase according to quantity and amount was spent.

Hi, Which version of Navision are you using. In the earlier version 2.60 and below the manufacturing costing is based on the Output journal entries and the Inventory setup. Eventhough you have the expected and actual the invoiced entry or entry with invoiced qty will not be made if you have not setup the Automatic Cost posting in the inventory. So each time you have to run the Post inv. cost to G/L. To update the invoicing entry for the Output Journal. Please also check for the Unit cost when posting the Output Journal. YOu must always run the post inv. cost to G/L even if you have the automatic cost posting set as true. Thanks Best regards, Prashanth

I’m using the Navision Attain version 3.01B