Manufacturing Planning Worksheet - Automatic Reservations

When running the production planning (net change plan or regenerative plan) NAV 5 / 5.01 will create reservations only on items with “Reordering Policy” = Order.

Is there a possibility to also have automatic reservations on “Reordering Policy” = “Fixed Reorder Qty.”?

The simple answer is no.

With a fixed reorder policy the demand could be driven by a reorder point breaking, and therefore what do you reserve against. Where the policy is order there is a 1:1 relationship so the reservation makes sense.

Thanks for this clear reply. But: If the demand is not from a stock reorder point but a real “sales order” or “production order” demand, then I would like to have it reserved against the demand.

How would this be possible? In the standard or as a customization. Thanks.

I believe there is no standard approach to this so you would need to write a modification to achieve this.