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Hi, I am doing something very simple . 1.Creating sales order 2.Releasing sales order 3.Creating Released Production order (order–>planning —>fucnction—> create RPO order) 4. RPO successfully created 5.Going to RPO and try to click -->function —> create picks …> and stuck here with a meaage … > nothing to handle do ia ma doing something wrong

Hi Jouhayna What version are you using? Is the flushing method manual on the item? Is the require pick set on the warehouse used in the RPO?

Hi Steven , Thank you for your fast reponse. Version 4 i am trying it first on Cronus demo and stuck Item LS-100 Flushing method is Manual Location White very simple

Hi Jouhayna So you are running the create Warehouse Pick? I have no users set up on Cronus so I cannot do this. Then you will need to fulfillthe quantitiy to handle if you run the process withiut filling this then is it create pick? Never can remember!

Hi Steven , Thanks Steven for trying to help me, but I am still stuck in this problem . During this batch if I guess it’s not writing in the Whse. Activity Line tabel I forgot about RPO now and trying to pick for normal sales order . I am trying to creat pick for a normal sales order From WHS Shipment for white location in cronus and getting the following message (Nothing to handle) . There is something must be hidden round this . Any body can help ? Working on version 4 .

Hi Jouhayna You are in Cronus 4.0 therefore follow this . . . Assuming you have set yourself up as a warehouse employee go to sales order 2018 and run the function create warehouse shipment. This will create the shipment and present it to you, for me this is SH000007. Then do functions and create pick. When doing this you are asked if you want to fill the quantity to handle or not - the default is ticked, so it does not fill it. This creates my pick PI000003 with the quantity to handle as zero. When I physically pick the goods I run the function “Autofill Qty. to handle” and this fills the quantity to handle. I then register the pick telling the system that they have been picked. Going back to the shipment I can post this and this ships the goods. I guess you are generating the pick and not filling the quantity to handle and then trying to register the pick without filling the quantity to handle.

Hi Steven again , I 've found what’s is going on . And I am telling it about it for two reasons : To invesitgate more of what I am saying and 2nd to close this topic and make it useful for others . Please correct for me , I need your help because this is not easy problem at all .the problem it’s not finding any zone or bin to pick … On the setting up on the White Location OR Maybe you cann’t see cronus Lets take LOC X on the setting up of the location card of LOCX directed putaway and picks… = yes Receipt Bin = Bin R Shipment Bin = Bin S Production = Bin P Putaway template code= std Always create putaways = No Always create picks = NO if we receive it will take from BIN R to Place in BIN depending on std putaway template code . IF we ship IT will Pick (???from where) tp place in BIN S ( for sales order) IT will Pick (???from where) to place in BINP (for ROP) It is very good question ? Do always create picks lines must be yes ? IF yes then I know to pick it never happens automatically? Is this right? IF we have to keep No then the system will ask From where I have to pick from and under what condition ?and I am asking upon what is the system picking from the warehouse to shipment or inbound production . Pls Steven Read it carefully and I will be waiting for your feedback …

Hi Jouhaya The always create pick and putaway flags relate to the creation of the picks and putaways. If you do not tick these and an appropriate bin cannot be found by the system, then NO pick or putaway is created, if however you tick them and no appropriate bin is found then the system will still create the pick and putaway, it will simply leave the zone and bin blank. So


Do always create picks lines must be yes ?

It depends upon how you want the system to work [:D]


IF yes then I know to pick it never happens automatically? Is this right?

The system will pick automatically, this flag is only if it cannot find an “appropriate” bin based upon all the other factors.


IF we have to keep No then the system will ask From where I have to pick from and under what condition ?

I have not gone into the detail of this area, but the internal pick will be based upon the bin ranking and policies set by the location and, I presume, where the stock is.

Thanks steven . You are right in everything . I am still also trying for more scenarios including manufacturing. It seems easier for me now to work with WMS. Nothing to handle and nothing to create were before creating picks or registering… I solved this part by purchasing the raw materials and receive and putaway and register the putaway to the same location that I am working on it … Now I can consume automatically by picks …and move very easily through all these documents from purchase to RPO to sale to picks to ship to consumption journal. And If you didn’t help me , I wouldn’t manage in all these things . thank you again .