Manufacturing method

Who know about what kind of manufacturing method in Navision does not support? - process - Agile - Mixed -Etc Thanks EK

Standard Navision will handle just about anything where there is a definable start and end of production so you can use a production order to direct the shop floor. That means that continuous flow processing is out as are stuff like card based Kanban systems. Batch based process industries can be handled with the standard system if you are prepared to be adaptable but there are specialist addons for this such as Process 800 from Myers Nissi in the USA. Basically, if you think creatively and/or make a few compromises, the system can be fitted to most things. Cheers, John

Yes, John is right, if you make some compromises you can implement Navision Manufacturing to just about any Manufacturing Environment. But, For Process Industries it definitely needs some customization before you can implement Navision manufacturing. Process Industries are characterised by a recipe, instead of a BOM, the production is based on Plant capacity i.e. one production run can generate many or tons of finished product which cannot be implemented. If you are just working with the BOM and do not use the routing then you can implement to process environment. Also many customers will not compromise on such things. So I suggest you either customise or use add-ons made in US & India to implement NM. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth