Manufacturing/Item Setup



Item A is purchased and received into the inventory. This will be received and invoice is settled.

Then item A goes out of the inventory for cutting and comes back to the inventory as items A1, B1, C 1etc. These A1,B1.C1 items will be used in the production process to make the finished goods. When we receive these items from cutting vendor, an invoice will be sent with and needs settling.

How can we setup the system so that item A is consumed to make item A1,B1,C1 etc.

  1. Can someone explain me the steps for achieving please

  2. What setups need to be done?

The Process is :
Set up a subcontractor
Setup a location for that sub contractror
Set up subcontractor cost by subcontractor or by process
Set up a routing with a subcontractor
Process a production order with a subcontractor
Determine when a purchase order is related to a production order
Determine the status of subcontractor operations on released production Orders
Send the Raw materials to subcontractor .
Receive the FG materials from Subcontractor
Create the Invoice for that services
Pay the amount to Vendor against Invoice .

Navision has the standard Functionality . Better to go through the Manufacturing II manual ( IV chapter ).

It explained the Total subcontracting process.

Reema i have a small doubt regarding particular problem above :

U said him to create a sub contractor that is ok but how do he create Prod. Order that is for which item do he create whether for item A1 , Item B1 or Item C1.

And do he need to create any family to produce those items . If so how can he know the material consumed for each item individually.

what to do in these situations.???