Manufacturing issue

Hello, We are trying to implement a client’s manufacturing process in Navision and we have a serious problem. The manufacturing process should produce TWO products as outputs. Now, Navision only let us make bills of materials and routes for one single product. Is there a way (add-on or something else) to implement such a thing in Navision ? Regards!

Hi Francis Is the item truly one item or two? It sounds from your posting that the “second” output has a different routing? Could you explain further what you need? I presume adding the second output as a negative line on the BOM is unacceptable in these instances? I also assume adding two lines on the production order to allow for the two outputs is not what you require? You make 1 item and it outputs 2? Difficult to say without more details, but there maybe an addition, but probably you will need to modify the system, and its easier to say that than do it in this area!

Hello Steven, In fact, I want to produce two products with the same routing. In the production process, there is a step where I have a semi-finished product that will be splited to give the two outputs. The problem is that, we actually launch a production to obtain a single item that is linked to the used routing. I need to get two items from the same production. Regards !

Hi Francis, So at one routing code can you not consume a negative amount of the item that appears at this point in the routing, then you have booked a second component into WIP stock, or should you leave this to the last operation to book it directly into stock? Basically apart from having a negative quantity on the BOM you will not be able to do this without developing code or sourcing a third party product to do it.

Hi Francis, Have you tried to define a Product Family for those 2 items? You can deifne the same routing for the two ( If it is so) on the Family header. and create a pRoduction order for both items at the same time.( Source Type should be Family.) Pl. see to it whether the Routing is defined properly so as to match your actuals. Regards, DD

Hi, To continue discussion I had the same situation during my previous implementation. actually the point was an unexpected output occurs during a specific stages of routing (prod. process) which is very much dependent on process parameters. In short we setout to produce a definite product but we end combination of of items including for what we had setout to produce and other products which could be sold normally. May be this might help you to think and map the process further. 1. We customised during the posting of Output Journal which we made manual posting and materials are flushed automatically since user decisions are taken at this point. 2. place a check condition in the machine center or work center definitions whether to check unexpected output, carry attributes info to routings, production and validate during posting (trasaction processing). 3. you need to customise in this area according to situations and configurations like item generation if they don’t have account in the Inventory, etc etc. Major point to note here is costing issues, method of updating to production documents (type of Prod. Order) etc and material flushings . even I had posted earlier in the forum regarding the same issue but didn’t receive much response might be the way each consultant thinks or could be business confidential. May be i can make sure that changes i had carriedout are logical atleast accepted by few forum members. Hope this gives you some idea. Cheers Sreekanth