Manufacturing Execution Systems

Dear All, Just wonderning if somebody has implemented any MES system with Navision,Or any Addon avaliable in the Navision world. Thanks. Patro

Hi Puspak, The general answer on your question is YES. Almost every NM implementation includes MES part. But I think you have some specific requirements. Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.

Yes To be very specific, I have a customer in(Pharma MFG).They are using NA- Fin & S&D had decided to go for NM but he need to know what are the MES available in the market which has been integrated with NM.(especially Weighing/Dispensing system) Just for information One of the vendor we are evaluating is . I would like to Ask the forum if somebody has ever evaluted and interfaced Propack with NM . Thanks Patro

My previous job was hte wonderfull world of MES. For MES purposes we always used Intouch from Wonderware, which can be easily connected to any device or any PLC on the market. It also has good scripting facilites to communicate with Oracle or … SQL Server for example. So you can imagine that the integration with NAvision is possible. In one specific project, we made some specific MES tables on a Navisin SQL Server database. Navision then used code units to read and manipulate the data for ERP processing. You could also try the DTS from SQL Server as a tool to “move” data between sources.

Hi, Wonderware offers a complete suite of software for MES applications. Specific for pharmaceutical industry, the module InBatch will serve as the MES layer connecting real time proces control with Recipe Management, Version Management, Material consumptions, full tracking & tracebility of all ingredients, intermediates and end products… FDA 21CFR part11 is also covered. In Belgium we have some large pharmaceutical customers using InBatch like Glaxo Smith Kline and Baxter. InBatch uses MS SQLserver for all history data which enables simple interfacing with ERP by MS Data Transaction Services. For more info please check or the local representation in Singapore : Servo Dynamics Pte Ltd. Singapore Tel (65) 844 0288 Fax (65) 844 0070 Regards, Alex Van Lancker Telerex - Wonderware distributor Benelux

Dear Alex, Thanx for the information I had been through wonderwae site and inbatch as a product.It is very good but it is not very comprehensive, I am also looking for a weighing and despensing system besides other modules .which can be integarted to Navision.

I was looking for any MES solution world wide which has been integrated with Navision. Or any NSC who have developed a addon interface like this. Best Rgds Patro