Manufacturing execution - Edit job list

Hello everybody!!

I have a request from a client where he wants to modify scheduled days and times of released production orders based on particular circumstances that could arise, so I start learning about the Edit job list of the manufacturing execution option.

Here you can make a line High priority, that puts the order at the top at the sequence, and you can move up or down other orders in order to have them also at the beginning/end of the sequence. But I notice that while doing so, although I move the orders one or two days ahead, the starting day/time and ending day/time from the job scheduling are not modified, I would expect that as the sequence was modified, those days and times should have been also modified, for the order I moved and for the orders that were going to be delayed for the rush.

I was willing to see those dates/times changed, because based on them, logistic people would be making reservation on vessels/airlines.

Can I still accomplish what I need with standard functionality? Should I use other functions?

Thanks for comments!

You would have to reschedule I believe to have it all flow through, this screen is to edit shop floor job priority for cells, nothing more I believe, so when you move them out, you really need to go and re-schedule to have the impact flow through.