Manufacturing exam

Could you please tell me the areas that the Navision Manufacturing exam focuses on - is it best to devote roughly equal attention to each chapter in the Manufacturing manual, or does the exam concentrate more on some areas? I am asking because the exam description that I have contains very little infomation. The list of chapters (of varying lengths) is as follows: Thank you, Alastair Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Manufacturing Setup Chapter 3: Production Bill of Materials Chapter 4: Routings Chapter 5: Production Orders Chapter 6: Production Order Processing Chapter 7: Finishing Orders and Auto Flushing Chapter 8: Order Entry Interface Chapter 9: Forecast and MPS Chapter 10: Planning Chapter 11: Additional Planning Topics Chapter 12: Subcontracting Chapter 13: Capacity Chapter 14: Shop Loading Chapter 15: Additional Manufacturing Topics

Hi Alastair I am not sure how localised this exam is, but when I took it all those years ago ([:D]) I found it easy due to my background in manufacturing. Essentially if you have been on the course how easy you will find it will depend upon your background (the accountants I was with struggled because the concepts were alien to them - although this is not all accountants of course.). If you are trying to learn it direct from the manual you may struggle. Also do not forget chapter 16 - Costing.

Thanks Steven, reference is made in the manual to something that will be “discussed at length in Chapter 16” but no such chapter exists. I now realise that it’s been put in a separate manual, but I have no time to read it. I am learning this from the manual - my background is in programming - but at least it makes more sense to me than Financial Management did, as it’s more tangible. Alastair

Hi Alastair I feel you have an old manual - are you sure its 3.70? Anyway best of luck!

Thanks Steven. Both 3.6 and 3.7 manuals that I have go up to Chapter 15, and there are separate Mfg Costing manuals for 3.6 and 3.7. I got 55%, the pass mark was 75%; I was sort of expecting this, and I think I have a good chance of passing it the second time. At least the exam concentrates on useful material, rather than the trivial questions I remember from the Essentials exam. Out of 60 questions, there was only one that was vague and ambiguous (two of the answers seemed to say the same thing), and a handful about the user interface (e.g. which screen would a planner use to do XYZ). The subject areas listed on the score report (I imagine they had roughly equal weighting) are: [edit] No, the weighting wasn’t equal, or I would have scored higher. Installation & Setup General Production BOM Routings Production Orders Forecast and Planning CRP Costing & Subcontracting

I don’t think it violates any agreements to mention that the Update Unit Cost batch job was mentioned in more than one question. However, this batch job is not mentioned in any manual (I have Manufacturing, Manufacturing Costing, Inventory Costing, Financial Management, …). I wouldn’t have passed even if I answered those questions right, but I am somewhat upset (though not surprised) about this. I wish Navision would make sure their manuals contain all the material needed to pass the exam (or change the exam questions). Every question does count since there are only 60 questions, and getting 16 or more wrong is a fail. Alastair

I passed the exam but I didn’t find it easy. Didn’t do the 5 day course, just read the manufacturing manual, and ran through some of the processes. I think I was lucky. There was one question about ‘planning flexibility’. If you search the manual the term exists in just one sentance. It’s not well documented but I think it’s a very important feature. There was also questions about debit/credits created in manufacturing. Questions about quantities calculated by the planning worksheet depending on inventory settings etc. So I think you need to revise areas outside of the manufacturing manual as well.