Manufacturing Demo in NAV 2009

Hello Everybody,

i have a hot lead that needs a presentation on Manufacturing module in NAV 2009, i am not very familiar with the manufactuing module, so i was looking for a demo script from Microsoft on that so i can follow a step by step scinario but i couldn’t find, i know that Micorsoft has this kind of demo files, if someone have it can you please share it with me.

looking forward to hear form you.


It depends on what customer is manufacturing. If there is something given by Microsoft then i would suggest is to Look at the partnersource, it should be there if it exists. But even demo depends on what customer is into.

A material on following link is perhaps what you are looking for :


Thx Dhan, that is exactly what i was looking for, somehow i just got your reply today and i can see that you posted it 10 dayss ago!, but luckly i have found this demo script last week before my presentation, but thx anyway for your help, keep replying the posts guys, it really helps :wink:


Glad to help…

It seems you didn’t visit the site for about last 10 days, I think emails from the site were delayed for some reasons, but reply was live on site from the moment I posted it.

yes, i didn’t visit the site since i posted my request, i was relaying on the mail to deliver any update on the post, but anyway…


do you have the training material for course?

Manufacturing course 80****A → i forgot the code