Manufacturing Cell Planning

We are in the process of implementing Attain 3.70 in a manufacturing environment and have some machine centers that we normally schedule/run as stand alone machines but some jobs call for two machines to be linked together with automation so that they are in affect one machine. Is there a way to use cellular manufacturing in Attain in such a way that the combined machines can be scheduled as a single different machine center and still feed demand back to the individual machines? We use strict lot tracing so if we schedule the machines independently then we are forced to do twice as much reporting. Any suggestions? Thanks, NAVSTER

Hi Navster Did you modify this? You could create a separate work centre for the combined machine, and when this is available know the two individual ones are not, but this would not feedback to the individual machines. Could you set up parallel routing with a send ahead quantity of 1 and the next operation being the second work centre? In this manner the machines will almost simultaneously be used and planned for.