Manufacturing: Backward flushing and refreshing

If you have number series in synchronisation, or along similar lines, you can experience issues when refreshing production orders, if the flushing method is set to backward. If a released production order is put on the system and processed through with consumption and output journals, and then finished , then if the planned production order is the same number as the now finished production order, you will not be able to refresh the details of the order. I believe this is due to the system checking no journal exists in the item ledger entry table for the production order upon refresh, and because the status of the order is not taken into consideration at this point the error message occurs.- To reproduce you can follow these steps if you are really bored: 1. Use the standard Cronus database. 1. Create a new number series for planned production orders starting 2000. Create a new number series for released production orders starting 2000. No last number used fields are populated. 2. Ensure these number series are used in the appropriate sections in the manufacturing set-up (numbering tab) 3. Go into the inventory record for 1001 and set the flushing method on the manufacturing tab to “Backward”. Ensure a routing and production BOM is attached to the item. 4. Go into released production orders and create a new production order (2000) for 1 off 1001. Ensure standard method of creation is undertaken, using refresh and replan. 5. Create and post the output and consumption journals for production order 2000. 6. Change the status of the production order to Finished in the standard method. 7. Create a new planned production order (2000). 8. Create it for item 1001 and refresh the planned production order. Expected Result: At step 8 you will receive the following error message: “You cannot change flushing method to Back, when there exists at least one item ledger entry associated with it” Obviously the easy workaround is to have completely separate number series, but I thought I would share it with you. [:D]