Manufacturing 2.01 Hardware requirement

Hi, i’ve installed Navision Manufacturing 2.01 with 14 licenses on a PII 400 HP, WIn 2000 server, 768 MB, SCSI, RAID1. The database size is 3 GB. Changing the Status of the Production Orders makes all the clients work very slowly and the CPU is employed at 100%, while the network only at 15-20%. Now we are migrating to a new server, P III 1.7 , i’ve read the other posts in the forum, but i’d wish to know the real mininum HW configuration and tips about NF Server settings (commit cache values, etc…). From Navision Italy i’ve received an OLD documentation about Win NT configuration, but it seems to be out of date (it talks about the necessity to store NF database in FAT partitions!!!). Any suggestion, please? Thanks in advance.

delete CPUMONI.EXE in all clients and Navision server directory.

Thank you Agustin for your reply, but, before deleting the file, i wish to know more about that. I mean, i totally ignore the usefullness of CPUMONI.exe . I hope you can explain to me more about this trick. Regards.

Look at