manually entering Excise amount

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to take excise amount as some constant value not on % value plz help me

You need to customize to acheive it. Add a field “Manual Excise Entry” boolean field and then modify Purchase line/sales line table to replace the values.

Why are you trying to do so? NAV already provides the option of manually entering the excise amount in case of dealer purchase invoice and in case of trading sales it picks the value of excise in the purchase invoice.

sandeep u said that we can enter the excise amount manually so how to do this plz tell me in detail

Thank u sundeep i got the solution thanks for your valuable reply

Dear Veda,

I have the same issues of manual excise.Its my request if u can post the solution u got…I also want to know how can we put additional excise duty manually.



What is the problem you are facing ?? In which scenario you need to add the excise value manually ?

Is it Dealer case ?

Yes Amol it is the case of dealer…