Manually Changing Last Direct Cost when there is Outstanding Purchase Orders

Hi Forum, I have a client on version 4.0 SP2 who twice a year has to increase the cost of Items. They are given a list of items that have increased in price and they then change the Last Direct Cost to reflect the increase. However some Items that they increase have outstanding PO’s at the old cost. When they invoice these, the Last Direct Cost is changed back to the old cost For example, Item ABC123 has a Last Direct Cost of £10.00 and they raise an Order. They then get a list showing that the Item has increased to £15.00 so they change the Last Direct Cost to £15.00. The oustanding order is invoiced and the Last Direct Cost changes back to £10.00. All Items have a Costing Method of FIFO.

They want to know if there is anyway to prevent the Last Direct Cost being changed back when Invoicing. I have suggested that they dont manually change the prices and let the system do it when the new price comes thru on an invoice but they want to do it beforehand. I hope I have explained this clearly enough.

You can’t do it automatically. You have to develop such functionality. You could simply create a field in PO header or line and every tome that field is checked item cost isn’t updated.

Hi Nuno Maia, thanks for that, it confirmed what I thought. I’m not sure that I would want to develope something that prevents the Last Direct Cost from being updated because it opens up more chances of human error but a good suggestion all the same. Thanks for your help/advice. Paul

Yes, you are right, not updating last unit cost changes Navision documented behaviour.


The suggestion here would naturally to use supplier pricing, as the last direct unit cost shows the last cost [:D]

Sounds to me like they need to use supplier pricing rather than alter the last direct unit cost to reflect the supplier price.

Hi Steve, good to hear from you…are you talking about granule 3,590 here? If so, we have just ordered this granule for them.

Yep thats the one, should solve all your issues, although it will give you a new one as there is more to fill in rather than just a “cost”.

Vendor prices are manually filled, but you automated that.

Hi Steve, thanks again for your help. I have just discussed this with the Finance Director and explained that the downside is filling in extra bits but he is happy with that (its not him that is going to have to do it). Thats another beer I owe you whenever I get over to Eastleigh.

Nuno thanks for your input too…Paul