Manually applying part of an invoice

I was speaking to a customer yesterday who we are currently implementing Navision 3.7 for. They have a very specific requirement with Cash Allocation. They often receive cash from a customer of, say £1000. The remittance instructs them the payment is to be applied against 2 invoices of £700 each. However, instead of paying 1 invoice in full, and partially paying the over, £500 is to be applied to each invoice, as there is a dispute over the remainder of the invoice value. Using standard cash allocation, it seems that I can only pay off an invoice in full, or make a partial payment against a single invoice. I cannot see a way of acheiving what they want to do. I cannot specify the amount to apply on Apply Customer Entries window. They would consider upgrading to V4 if this is necessary to resolve the problem, however, again this seems to be the case in V4.

Yes, you can do what your customer needs in 4.0. Navision called it Partial Payments. You can achieve somewhat similar results in previous versions by splitting the payment into 2 journal lines. But maybe you already considered and rejected this option?.. Also, this has already been discussed before, search the forum if you need more information.

Gary In version 4.0 when you are applying payments it will put the value of the invoice in the Amount to Apply field in the apply customer entries field. In version 4.0 you can change the amount in this field to allow partial payment posting.

Thanks for getting back. I thought this was something I had seen when I first looked at the new V4 features a while back, however, when I tried it earlier today in Cronus, all the amount fields seem to be protected. However, just looked again, realised what I’d done wrong, and indeed it does work. I also found the original documentation so thats fantastic. Thanks again for the help guys.

Gary, really you don’t need to upgrade to 4 just for this. Nelson has suggested a very viable solution. In fact I do it the same way for virtally all my clients. Just break the payment into two seperate lines of 500 each, and apply each to the indvidual invoices.

You can even repeat the same document no. on both entries which will allow you to navigate both at the same time.