Manual Quality Orders - Quantity in Reference Document

I’m trying to create multiple Quality Orders, manually, by using the Production Order as the Reference Type. The system lets me create the first order, but then will not allow me to create another Quality Order for the same Production Order - I get the following messages:

“The quantity cannot exceed 0.00.”

“The total quantity of all quality orders related to this transaction exceeds the quantity of the reference document.”

What is the reference document? What quantity is it talking about? I have been using this for over a year now and this problem only pops up every once in a while…seems like it’s Production Order specific but all the Production Orders are created the same.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thanks

It is how many you are testing and the reference document is the production order. So if you are making 1 - as standard the quality order will be 1 and you can have no more (this is the functionality and is not necessarily right in my opinion). So if you are making 10 you can quality check 5, and then 5, but if you try to check more you get your quantity cannot exceed 0 message.

Hi, I have the same issue as customer may want to test the same batch for several times, is this can be configured to accept more than two times testing. If no, then any suggestion? Thanks so much.


There is a quantity on the quality order and on the production order, if the production order is for 1 and you are testing 1 you will get this message. Been a while since I looked but my memory says it also does not like multiple open quality orders at the same time, but once it is closed you can raise another to cope with multiple tests.