Manual Posting of Sales Tax

Our client bids jobs that include sales tax but do not determine the amount prior to bidding the job. When they try to create an Invoice and enter the amount, about half the time the amount including tax will be off by $0.01. Example - a $502.00 job - this should be the amount including tax. the client wants to be able to enter this amount in the “Amount including Tax” field of the sales line. Navision should then look to the Tax Detail table and reverse calculte the Amount (minus the tax) which it does ($473.58) When the Invoice is then posted Navision takes the $473.58 looks at the Tax Detail table and calculates the amount including tax as $501.99 Is there any way to correct this?

Hi, it is easy. I made it several times starting with vertion 2.00. Codeunit 398 Sales Tax Calculate has two functions CalculateTax and ReverseCalculateTax. Fist function calculate tax above the Amount and second into the Amount. You must use second function. Sales Header has field Prices Including Tax. If you will use VAT functionality this field work. (If this field TRUE system calculate taxes into Amount). You need repeate the same code for Sales Tax option and use function ReverseCalculateTax if Prices Including Tax equal Yes. P.S. I do not know why Navision did not make this standard. They created this function ReverseCalculateTax but do not use it anywhere. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.