Manual PO Numbers thru to Posted Invoice

Is there anyway of setting up the number series in version 4 so that a manual Purchase Order can be raised and when posted the same number appears as a Posted Purchase Invoice. I know you can do it with Invoices but I have tried various ways of setting up the number series as manual with no default but get the error mesage that no Posting No series exists when trying to Invoice the Purchase Order. THe alternative would be to defined identical number series for each but the numbers would get out of sync if an Invoice was raised and posted. Thanks

You could achieve that, but it would be difficult as you would need to be very careful regarding the Purchase Invoice Purchase Invoice AND Purchase Order are both generating Posted Purchase Invoices. So if you have the same No. for Purchase Order AND Posted Purchase Invoice, how would you handle Posted Invoice Numbers for Purchase Invoices then ?

Hi Thomas, this is my point, it would be difficult to tell them apart. I just wondered if there was a way of carrying the manual Purchase Order number thru to Posted Purchase Invoice without having to resort to duplicate number series but I guess not.

Yes, this is possible: There is a field in the Purchase Header which carries the number the Posted Purchase Invoice will get. Normally this field is getting filled out by CU 90, but you could try to fill it out manually. I’m not 100% sure but it should be the field “Posting No.” (No. 63) in the Purchase Header. If you now trigger the INSERT of a new Record of the Document Type = Order, then you could fill in this field. (Do not forget to also set “Posting No. Series”). I would give this a try at least.

Thanks Thomas I’ll try that…Paul