Manual number sequence for Sales invoice and purchase invoice


There is requirement of manual number sequence for sales invoice and purchase invoice.

if you have any suggestion pls let me know the same.

your suggestion will be highly appreciated.



The purchase invoice number recording is manual, you define it at the processing stage, your internal voucher should be automatic, but you always define the vendors invoice number manually.

Why do you want the sales invoice to be manual? I do not believe this is possible.

Thankx for the reply !!

Actually there are two companies in Ax, client want the same number sequence fro both companies for sale & Purchase invoice.

e.g if Company A has 101 current number for invoice

then next number 102 should be generate for B companies invoice

this is the requirement else user should have option to enter voucher number for sale & purchase invoice.

Have you looked into virtualising the number sequence table? Not something I would recommend personally but it would be worth you investigating it. No one would want to manually enter these, it would also lead to inconsistency anyway. My favoured route would probably be a modifiation for the transactions this needs to be avhieved on.

Why are they separate companies? If they are separate legal entities utilising the same number sequence makes no sense, if they are not why are they not one company?

I agree with your arise questions. [Y]

Why client want separate company ? If they are separate legal entities utilizing the same number sequence makes no sense, if they are not why are they not one company?

that scenario i need to understand from our functional team.

basically i am trying to check technical feasibility for the above requirement

and what will be inconsistency if i pass voucher number as parameters after customization.