Manual NAV 2009 User guide

Is there someone who can upload/has a link/or send me the NAV 2009 manual?


If you are Customer you will get all documents in Customer Source

If you are a partner you will get all documents in partner Source

And also, there is not one single manual. There are about 20 and thousands of pages of documentation. What specifically do you want a manual on? Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Development? There are lots of subject areas.

Please, anyone can upload manufacturing document for me…

thank you!


I’m studing to take the exams about Navision 2009 but i don’t have the training manuals, can anyone send to me?

I’ll apreciatte the folowing manuals: 80043 - introduction to nav 2009, 80049-application setup in nav 2009, 80041-finance in nav 2009 and 80040-installation and configuration in nav 2009.

Thank you!!!


Those are not manuals, but Course Materials, available for free only for NAV customers who have active Maintenace Plan in CustomerSource, MS’s extranet. Even MS Partners need to pay for them.

Manuals as such do not exist for NAV. There are tons of whitepapers, how-to’s and like, but all that stuff is in the abovementioned website, to which you most likely don’t have access.