Manual NAS Installation not running in Windows 7


I am trying to install NAS manually in my Windows 7 OS. The steps are followings:

i. Installed NAS from Product CD

ii. disabled the default services of NAS

iii. Copied Application Server folder to c:\ drive and renamed it to GPNasTest

iv. opened command prompt in administrator mode and went to the location C:\GPNasTest

v. for the manual NAS installation in copied the following code

nassql.exe appservername=NASGP, NETTYPE=TCP, servername=, database=GPIT Database, company=“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, nettype=tcp, startupparameter=GP2012, objectcache=40000, installasservice

vi. while running the command system neither installs NAS Service nor throws any error message. The screen shot of the command prompt is,


I am not able to install NAS in my machine. I did the same in windows server 2008 and 2003 and it worked fine. But what is wrong in my machine where windows 7 is installed. I don’t know whether any security issue, or any problem in my machine is there. please help me for solving the issue.

Thanks in advance

except that you have the nettype Parameter twice I cannot see anything wrong in the command line.

When you run this without the “installasservice” the Service would run immediately.
Can you check if the Service runs when you start it like that?