Can you help me to get a manual with instructions for Navision Financials? I’ve searching for 2 weeks on Internet.

There is this kind of manual(guide)?

Thank you,

You can find these through Partnersource or Customersource with Microsoft, but you need to be a partner or a customer [:D]

Yes, but I am working into a branch office of an multinational group and they didn’t give to me such a guide.

I must learn to working in Navision by myself.

Anybody can help me with “a part” of this guide? :smiley:

Thank you

IF you are looking for developement, there is a book on developement available. You can buy from amazon

Then ask for it.

I asked but neither have this guide.

Does anybobody have it?

Of course they don’t have it, but someone should be able to get it.

I’m still unclear whether you work for a NAV partner or a customer. In either case, it should not be too difficult to get to this material. If you work for a NAV partner it should be easy to get them. Ask for someone who has access to partnersource. If you work for a customer, then ask for the person that has access to customersource. When you find this person, have them locate and download the material that you need.

It is illegal to just give this material to other people, so there is little chance that you will find someone that will do this.