manual for business analytics

hi, i’m looking for a soft copy of the business analytics manual, could you please email it to me if you’ve got it. thanks

Hi Sebastien Unfortunatly as far as I am aware it does not exist, but many people want to use this feature, so may be this is the place to make a manual. A couple of thing, business analytics is only an integrated feature of version 4.00 and the business analytics is still in beta. The business analytics functionality is provided by Targit. They produce a product which works with 3.70 which is substantially different to the version in V4.00. So heres what I have so far 1) Download the fob and program from 2) You define your cube from Adiminstration - Application Setup - General - Business Analytics Setup Ok this sound good you may think but I have been unable to create a cube yet (but I have not realy tried that hard) it seems to stop part the way through. I have also had to access forms from the Object designer to fill in some required data. All the object descriptions start with "BA " so you can easily find them. The main form I have had to access drirectly is form “700 BA Databases” which I beleve should be the main form for Business analytics as you seem to be able to reach the other forms from here. So how about us designing a very simple cube together and see what we can come up with. Paul Baxter