Manual for AX 2009 Fixed Assets

Where can I locate the AX 2009 Fixed Assets Manual?

I found the Financials I & II online here under downloads. Not everyone at my office gets access to Customersource.

I have been trying studying to take the MB6-818 (AX 2009 Finance Exam) so that I could better understand the AX Financial area.

Any assistance with locating or updating downloads with this manual would be really appreciated!



Hi Mitch,

Welcome to DUG.

Try to search for course 80018 on the customer source. That course is for FA in AX 2009.

Hope it helps.


…“Not everyone at my office gets access to Customersource.”.

I would but the people at my office do not allow us to use Customersource. We have to go to them for AX questions or search the internet. We have asked long ago for an AX 2009 Fixed Asset Manual…but just got a couple 2 or 3 hour quick training sessions.

So I (we) are still looking. Thanks for tagging in so fast though.