manual entry of bed,ecess,shecess in sales invoice

We have a problem while calculating excise in sales invoice

The customer has three purchase invoices not orders with 3 different lot numbers,

the ed amount for each lot is 1000,1200,800 though the percentage is 14%

When he wants to make a sale he wants the ed to be reduced from the lot of his choice may be 1000,1200,800

How can we achieve this in nav

The customer is a trading company with rd23D enabled.

When we try we are not able to tag these both and the system takes only predefined values



Which version you are working ?
If it is > nav 5.0 system will allow to edit the values in sales invloice and Purchase invloice level

check the fields in sales line / Purchase line form

BED amount
Ecess amount
She cess amount

try to edit the values manually.

no the system does not allow us to enter values manually in sales invoice

in purchase invoice it does allow

we work on navision 2009

I am done the testing on Nav 5.0 , Nav 2009 & Nav 2009 SP1 .

It is working perfectly.

what Error message you are getting when you try to change the BED, Ecess , Shecess values …?

can you throw that screenshot .


The system allows us to enter the values but it takes the system calculated values when post the invoice or even when we press f9

automaticallly when we press f9 the values get affected (system values) are taken

No .

I am done the testing on Nav 5.0 , Nav 2009 & Nav 2009 SP1 .

In all the versions working fine.