Manual Adjustments to Purchase VAT Getting Lost

An experienced NAV client of ours have recently noticed that when they change the VAT amount in the purchase invoice statistics screen, that change doesnt get retained. If they close the statistics window and repoen it the figure has reverted to the original, calculated amount.

This appears to relate to invoices for g/l items.

They are on V2009 SP1 and no software changes have been made since the system worked correctly.

Has anyone else come across this or does anyone have any idea what might be causing this ?

Has something changed in your GL Setup - The max VAT difference amount perhaps?

I wondered about that too. It is set to 10.00, which I assumed wouldnt cause a restriction, as the changes are much smaller than that.

I share your feeling that something like that is probably the root of the problem. I have asked them if they have changed anything in that area but should probably ask them more detailed questions. I would value any suggestions as to what else might affect that functionality.