manifest Error while installing AX2012 R3 CU9

While installing AX2012 (after database splitting in inplace upgradation from FP to R3 ) i am getting following error … please help me out

Error occured While installing AOS

AOS Error.png

and log file information is

Is it fresh installation or Updates with Existing AX Installation ?

Hi saadullah ,

it is fresh ax installation(Only aos component installation) with existing upgraded databses

First restart the complete server, I hope you have Existing DB with CU9 version. , Also make sure u have CU9 updates install it with slipstream installation method

here i am upgrading Ax2012 CU5 to Ax 2012 R3 CU9, i had split the db with CU9 setp from there i want to install AOS…

in ax 2012 r3 installation folder have you included the Cu 9 updates ?

yes, updates folder has included…
the cause of error is stored procedure