Mandatory site and Non catalogue items in AX 2009


I want to disable mandatory site dimension while entering items. How do I do that?

Second can any one help me in defining non catalogue items. how do I define those?

My requirement is not to use inventory management module at all but for purchasing office stationery (non inventory items) I want to use purchase requisition functionality along with the workflow.

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You need to make the multi-site decision at the start, once activated it cannot be de-activated unless there are no stock dimension groups or standard cost stock model groups. If you are going standard cost then sites are mandatory anyway. If you are live then set the order defaults and it will always populate the site, In this manner you can have one and it will always default in. If it is a new clean install then go to Administration - Setup - System - MultiSite Activation.

With regards to non-catalogue items you really mean catalogue items However these still sit on service items, so if you want to purchase anything you need to setup inventory management in AX to at least define the service items that control teh stationery etc.