mandantory dimension

Hi experts ,

Please i need to make the Global dimension and global dimension 2 mandantory on Sales invoive and purchase + credit memo …

How can i do it ? is there anything special in setting up to be done .

thank y ou

The easiest way is to assign this information to the G/L accounts you are posting to. Assign the “Code Mandatory” option to the G/L accounts where you want to force the dimensions being used.

You need to assign this to all accounts mentioned in the General Posting Setup as Sales account (to make sure sales invoices are posted with Dim1 and Dim2) and to the Purchase Account (to make sure purchase invoices are posted with Dim1 and Dim2)

Please don’t go down the route of coding this on entry as you will tie yourself up in knots - Thomas suggestion is the best solution.

thank you all , i will implenent it

Is this a new or existing implementation and how much data has already been posted?

If or when you make posting of dimensions mandatory on accounts for stock then you may have problems with the Adjust Cost Item Entries process.

It will demand the dimension values for the Item Entries and Values entries that were created potentially without the now mandatory dimensions.

You will nee to write a report to make the updates…

Good luck and remember to test before go-live.