Managing Tiered Loyalty Points Redemption like a ladder appoach.

Managing tiered loyalty points redemption.

Lets say we have the schemes as follows:

scenario A

Redeem 100 Loyalty Points - get 5$ discount

Redeem 800 Loyalty Points - get 20$ discount

Redeem 1500 Loyalty Points - get 40$ Discount

How can we configure in the system so that when the customer makes redemption the cashier can select which loyalty discount to offer and redeem the points at POS. Lets say the customer has 905 loyalty points then the customer is eligible for 800 points redemption or the 100 points redemption.

In case customer redeems 800 then balance must remain 105. no decimal values

In case customer redeems 100 then balance must remain 805. no decimal values

the balance points that must remain is 105 in the system.