Managing the Axapta Development Process

How do you manager the Axapta development process? Here’s my scenario: 6+ developers, Ax 3.0 SP1, two 3rd party add-ons, Oracle 9i Issues/Concerns: Several developers working in the same environment, locking objects, upgrading BUS and/or VAR layers during development, etc, etc, etc. Plan of attack: Manage our software development in “Builds” and import/merge bug fixes to each appropriate build. Detail: Developers will code from a set of design documents. The code grouped from that set will become a “Build”. Once the developers complete the initial development work and testing, the build will be exported from our Development instance of Axapta and then imported into our Testing instance of Axapta. The CUS layer files will then be backed up as “CUS Layer Build 1.00”. A new Development instance of Axapta will be created which includes Build 1. The developers will then begin work on “Build 2” from a new set of design documents. In the mean time, our testers will find defects and our developers will go back to the original “Build 1” and implement fixes for those defects. The fixes will be exported and then imported into the Testing instance. Those same fixes will need to be applied to the Build 2 development instance (exported from Build 1 instance and imported into Build 2 instance). A new backup will be created (CUS Layer Build 1.01). Theoretically, this could continue into several Builds as they roll into production. However, the more builds, the more complex and tedious the problem of making sure a fix in a lower build gets propagated to higher builds. Another twist: We have two additional 3rd party packages applied to our Ax 3.0 SP1. One is in the VAR layer and the other is in the BUS layer. We will be applying patches/fixes/upgrades to these 3rd party packages during our development life-cycle. This will require us to merge code into each separate build that we have created (not looking forward to this). This can quickly become a VERY lengthy and difficult process. Is this development process manageable or not? More importantly, is there a better, less complex way to manage this process in Axapta? Integration with a Source Control environment could be a solution, but we have yet to find one. Again, how do you manage you Axapta development process? Thanks for your thoughts and comments, [8]Christian Fordham Applciations Development Manager ETS, Inc. Maybe this might help