managing record navigation through forms

I need to implement a message to the user when they navigate away from a record on the SO form in NF 2.00c where that record has a boolean field that is not checked. Specifically, the field indicates if a picking ticket has been printed. If the box is not checked, I want to abort the record change, and leave the form with the unchecked record presented. If the user tries to leave the record (VCR, list, whatever) the form’s triggers don’t facilitate the management of that record navigation. I am running into problems with the message being repeated multiple times if I put code on the OnBeforePutRecord() trigger. Regardless of where I put the code, Navision’s navigation takes over and the form presents the new record to the user. The OnNextRecord() trigger tries to allow management of the navigation, but appears to have bugs in tracking the value “Steps”. And, even it “Steps” was always caluclated correctly, the trigger won’t allow you to go back to the last record in the navigation sequences. Does anybody have any thoughts on how to approach this?

Are you using MESSAGE or ERROR to inform the user? -jp

I seem to remember you need to use a combination of code and form properties. The code was placed in the form OnInsert and OnModify triggers and the properties were DelayedInsert = Yes.