Managing Item by boxes in WMS

Hi !

Using WMS ( with ADCS), I would like to be able to manage my items only in boxes when receiving, shipping , putting and picking goods.

Actually, i buy Item by Each. However one Each corresponds 48 DZ ( 0r 10 DZ,etc…) depending on the customer.

So I need to be able to:

  • Choooe the customer UOM and qty ordered by the customer then the system should calculate the corresponding qty in Each ( which is always my selling unit of measure and my price is base on that unit of measure).

  • Define how many units I can put per Box for each item ( i.e: for item A ( which is an item Kit ), I can put12 Each ) and when receiving that item, I want to receive boxes ( each box has a number assigned on it )…

Any ideas t handle that!!


can u use the box as Base unit of measure?

You want to be able to sell in boxes, but you state your selling unit of measure is always each, so you are contradicting yourself here. The unit of measure conversion will be the way to go, but your selling unit of measure will alter if you stock in each. You will also need to alter your pricing structure to cater for your selling UOM, but it really depends what you are trying to achieve and why.

HI Adam,

I always sell in Each ( My selling price is in Each) but when orders are received in different UOM ( Pairs, Dozen, etc…).

When I receive or ship goods , all those items are packed in Box. I need to scan the box not units of items and each baox need to know how many units are inside to be able to update the stock.

Then you are talking about tote tracking and loading etc., or something similar. Never used the Lanham software but that probably has something similar, otherwise you are looking to modify it - I have seen this a few times, but implementing a specific requirement, not deeveloping it. Depends upon what you want to do, what you want to capture and how far you want to go.