Management Reporter Installation Dynamics AX2009


I would like to install the management reporter for Dynamics AX2009 for testing purposes on my local machine. Unfortunately, I have only a VPC Application of Dynamics AX2009 and do not know how to install the management reporter on this virtual machine. I am using the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Any hint would be appreciated.



Hai ,

Do u have Management Reporter Setup.if not download from the following link

Then install that s\w in ur VPC and the gothrough the following link for next process

Hi Naresh,

I downloaded the software on my local computer. As I am not a ‘technical guy’ I do not know how to install that software on Dynamics AX, which runs on the VPC. There seems to be no connection between the VPC and my local hard disk where I saved the download. What can I do?



There are 2 ways.First one is just drag that software to vpc desktop and drop it.and then install that and go through the above process as i have given in the earlier.Second one is goto the VPC settings Shared folders create share folder and then u past that s\w in to that folder.and open the vpc my computer u will get shared drive in that u get ur software then install that ok na .i hope it may help ful. good luck

Hi Naresh,

Thank you very much for those hints.



i am trying to install the Management Reporter of AX 9, i completed installation but when i open the report designer then message coming…

Can not connect to the management reporter, change the address of MR.

when i click the change address then system showing the test connection…but still problem…