Management reporter - Generate option


Recently I did change the AX from one domain to new domain.

Everything working fine.

But Management Reporter, with one user when I select and Generate the report it shows error saying No permission to the Library folder - Create on other location.

This user has all roles defined like (Finance controller, System Adminstrator, Accounts Manager…).

What might be the issue?

Does this library reflects to any folder in the OS. Which needs share option for that particular user.


Exact error : You don’t have permission to generate a report to “Library”. Select a different location or have an
administrator grant permission to the selected location.

Version of AX = AX 2012 r3
MR = ManagementReporter2012-CU12-en-us


may be below link can help you…/

Dear Kunal,


The issue has been resolved.
All was working fine. But I didn’t selected the Public folder while generate.