Manage Items that belong to customer

Hi all! We are using jobs into Navision and I want to manage customer goods. I need some advices here: I would like to create a specific location to manage customer goods. Now here are some points: 1. These items must be separated from the company proper items and should only be “issued” on projects of the appropriate customer. Obviously they should not appear as some kind of asset for the company. 2. The value of those items should always be 0 in order to indicate that we do not own those. —> Using inventory value zero could be an idea but is it mandatory ? 3. How can fill the customer location with its goods without invoicing the customer, as the goods are not mine? As , those items will be issued for a specific job in Navision, how can I make sure that people are not using items that are not belonging to the specific customer??? I dont want to have a scenario where A zero value item that would be transferred from a customer to the main warehouse and then sold to another company ( same items exist for the main warehouse and for customer warehouse). Thanks

There are quite a few postings on this topic, yes have differnet locations. Remember that you can have business processes that are NOT driven by Navision. One process could be that the user should not “sell” from a customer specific location, although you could put some modifications in to remove these from availability and selling, but to be honest I would simply make it part of the internal procedure. With regards to the value I would recommend actually booking them in as a value, but controlling the posting groups at these locations, this will also mean you have a value for insurance and all reporting of can exclude the GL accounts and locations where this customer owned stock is kept, but again this will be probably driven by the preference of the accountant at the company you are dealing with. You fill the location by positively adjusting the items in, or transfering them from main stores, if you have them. Of course if you are selling them to the customer, but retaining them in a different location this is a different issue, and one that has also been discussed a couple of times on this forum. Depends upon what you want really!

In my case , the accountant does not want to have value on those customer items. No selling is done from the customer warehouse but if it use how to make sure that items in that warehouse are not tranfer on another project for another customer? BTW Steven, can you explain the second part of your explanation about using different PG?? Thanks

Hi You cannot as standard stop users processing on a location, but you can have a procedure preventing this. Otherwise you will need a modification to warn the user when they pick from the location they should not use, then of course warn them again when they ignore the warning? If you are not capturing the value of the item the separate posting group for inventory will be irrelevant, although you are going to naturally affect all the average costing when receiving in at zero, so you may want to look at the average costing by location option.

the costing method used here will be FIFO not average. How can i affect my cost if i choose to have inventory value zero for all my customer items??? Thanks

Hi FIFO Costing. Book 1 in at 10.00 in location “x”. A customer returns one to location “x”. You book it in at zero cost. The next movement out of that location will be FIFO costed at 10.00. Have a look at the return orders, the return reason has a inventory at zero value. The simplest thing to do is NOT to bring them in at zero, it means for insurance purposes you can value the customer stock you are holding. From inventory valuation perspective you can filter out the locations on reports and the finiancial reporting if you wish, and of course bring it in if you want to. And of course no one has to worry about remembering to set the cost to zero and messing everything up for you.