Man and Machine

Hi, A Machine center represents a Machine and aMan who works on that. What would be the ideal way of representing this machine center? Should Machine and Man be represented as seperate Machine Centers or a Single Machine center for both Machine and Man. Obviously, if they are represented seperately, you will have parallel Operations? Can any one suggest a better alternative?


we cannot just use Op-1 to represent both machine and workers, because the same machine may have different workers in different routings; and the same worker may work on different machines in different routings.

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Is it that Man and Machine to be created as different work centers and for the process done by using both of them to be created as two parallel operation with the same run time? Thanks and regards.

Vijay, I just saw your post now. I would like to have parallel operations (one for the machine, and one for the human operator) and have them start at the same time, though they might have different run-times. It seems that this requires extensive coding in Navision. Having different operations means that one machine could have different operators working on it, and one operator could work on different machines. You said that you wanted a “better alternative”, so I guess you have a problem with this idea (if it could be made to work). What problem do you have? Alastair