Making SSRS Report With Out Prompting Dialog.

Thus any one have idea on making SSRS report with out prompting the dialog.

For E.g. In SalesTableListPage–> Sell[Tab]—> Confirmation[Button] when I click on the button it must print the confirmation report for the selected records ( Single or more than one record) without popping up the [SalesEditLines] Form.

Any ideas and suggestion are appreciated.



SalesEditLines form is not primarily about a report - it’s about setting parameters for posting and posting the document. Printing a report is just one, optional part.

You surely can prepare all parameters in code instead of asking users to set what they need.

Thanks Martin,

Sure I can pass the parameter to the contract class of the report “SalesConfirmContract” but really I do not know how to handle the contract class Martin whereas in this case They’re using “SalesFormLetter” class “SetNewContract” method to set the data dynamically at the run time and latter on they’re passing it to the report controller class “SalesConfirmController” for the print view of the report, there I struck I do not know how to pass those parameter from my customized “Print Button”.

Could you please share me some documents or article to perform this action Martin. I’m totally doomed.

You must realize that posting a confirmation and printing a report are two different things. If you want to merely print an already posted confirmation, you can do it like this:

MenuFunction mf = new MenuFunction(

Args args = new Args();

If you want to post the confirmation, just ask SalesFormLetter to print it for you.

Using the Refactored Formletter Framework might be useful for you.

Yeah. Thank you. Martin. I’ve done it with the help of your earlier post. Any how thank you for the code. You’re such a talented person in this forum. Thank You Once Again.