Making some fields editable in User Portal

Hi I have been for some time trying to write xsl files with the ``Visible’’ attribute from the element variable. That is, I’d like to make the visibility of some fields a dynamic property. With a element I can write something like this: <xsl:value-of select=“Value3”/> But I’d like to wite something like <Field Type="TextBox" Name="Value3" Align="Right" Visible= '' > <xsl:value-of select=“Value3”/> This is something easily done with XSLT (at least with the last version of the specification from w3), using xsl:variable/ or xsl:if/ consructs. But it seems that the 2.60.D version of User Portal uses the msxml.dll library, which doesn’t handle well the previous constructs. Microsoft recently released the msxml4.dll file, with (full?) support for XSLT. Does anyone know when Navision will use the last version of the xml dll, which will allow us to use the full power of XSLT? Toni