Making changes to the print statement Page

Hi Guys,

Hopefully a quick question, I am wanting to make some amendments to T H I S page with a view to adding an extra tick box and alter some code under neath the print button, but can’t for the life of me find where it is!!? Is this possible and if so, can anyone help?

Cheers as always.

This page is the request page of the Statement report. Go to the report design and select View → Request Page.

There you can add the new check box. As for code behind the print button that will not be possible.

Maybe you find a usable trigger for your code.

As mentioned, you cannot access the code behind the print button. You should, though, be able to to determine if the report is being printed (I think it’s IF CurrReport.PREVIEW THEN…) in the OnPreReport trigger and add code there.

That’s great, thank you Thomas.

What I am trying to achieve is to generate XML for the content of the reports that are printed. I have already done this for Pages so when a user hits the post button, it runs an XMLPort gerenating XML for the posted entry.

Let’s assume I have previewed the customer statements, there are 20 pages, 1 page per customer so 20 customers.

I print the report, is it possible to generate XML based on the contents of the pages that are printed? (Address, total amount etc …)

If you look at the XSD in the report designer, this contains schema and it’s presumably getting the information from somewhere when generating the report, but without a table to get the information, how would I look it up to then use it for my integration routine?