Hi. Plz help me in making balance sheet using account schedule in given format.The rows will contain all the account and there will be two columns, one showing the amount in the subledger except the total of all the subledgers and one showing only the total of all the amounts in the subledger. Hope u get the clear picture. Its urgent!!! Regards, Prabh Singh

Dear Prabh, The picture is not at all clear. Using Account Schedules is very easy. But I am not able to make out as to what your exact requirement is. Can you send me an Excel spreadsheet with the Report format, then I can help you out. Regards,

Hi Prabh, I dont think what you are asking for is possible. Reason being, on a single row, you want Account Balance in one column and a totalling formula on the second column. If you want, you can create a new row for the total figure and give a formula. Eg: Row 1 is Bank 1 and value = 10,000 Row 2 is Bank 2 and value = 20,000 Row 3 is Bank 3 and value = 30,000 You can create Row 4 as Banks, Total and give a formula to add up the above 3 figures. But getting the same in multiple columns is not possible. Regards,

Hi vinay, Thanks a lot for giving the clarification. Thanks & Regards, Prabh Singh