Making a field password protected

Is there anyway to make a field password protected in NAV 4.02?


There is some kind of record level security in SQL Server option and no field level security. You can make a new form, hide the field in this form and assign it to the users that do not have access.

There are some other methods that are more complex. I’m currently working on a security solution and I’ll be glad to present it here when I’m ready.

Meanwhile I’m posting my thoughts abot Dynamics NAV here:

There is an add-on that does this.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the info. If you run across anything please let me know. Thanks.

I have known Rick and Julia for a long time now, and they make some great little add-ons. Rick sends out a monthly newsletter, that is very uesfull. I am not sure of the link, butyoucan find it under “Gone fishing” on their site somewhere.

Also Lanham ( have a field level security add on that you should look at.

Note that the Cost Control and Lanham solutions are very very different, so look at both to see what you actually need.

Hey Grigory,

why not contact Erik, and put a blog here, it would be really great if we could combine all the Dynamics blogs here in one location, that was dynamics users wouldfind them all in one place.