Making a CSV format file. trouble with getting field name.....

Dear all,

I’m now making a new report in NAV which is getting all the data from Customer and Item table.

I could successfully get the data from both table by programming, and the output file has all the data I want, but it does not have NAME of each field(data).

How can I get it?

As you can see from the image, there are field name above each data with red colored characters. This is what I want to get on my file.

Please help me…

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4237.SAMPLE_Item.bmp (1.83 MB)

Welcome to DUG.

Have you used Excel Buffer table or Excel autoamtion?

In the beginning of the report i.e., in on pre report or pre dataitem…

you need to insert that line with FIELDCAPTION

Another option, if your user interface requirements can be a bit flexible, would be to put all of your report data into a temporary table and display the results in a list form. Then, just copy and paste the data from the form to Excel. This process always captures the column headings as well. You can test the theory by opening your customer list form, selecting a single row, click Ctrl+C, then move to Excel and click Ctrl+V.

The solution is not as eloquent as using the Excel Buffer, but depending on your circumstances it could be a better approach. Try it to see what you think.