Make userID longer

Hi, is there a way to make the usrID ExtendedDataType longer than 5 characters? Our Problem: - we are moving to Axapta - we have more than 600 users - the 5-chars field is too short to create a meaningful, unique user name - we will enable the “CreatedBy” and “ModifiedBy” properties on many tables because of validation requirements - Audit Trail will also be enabled in many areas (again validation requirements) So far I see 2 possibilities: 1. make usrID longer than 5 characters … no idea if this is possible 2. Set the “Logon identification” (Administration → Setup → Security → Password parameters) to “User name” instead of “User ID” and use some meaningless, numeric ID as userId. What will be saved in this case in the “CreatedBy” and “ModifiedBy” fields in the tables - userId or userName? Any suggestions on defining a unique userId are welcomed. Thanks.

Hi ad 1.: it is not possible ad 2.: the 5char userid will be put into those system fields.

Any ideas on defining a user Id that is: - 5 characters long - based on the user’s full name - not nummeric - no dublicates How are your Axapta user IDs made?

Take a look at Administrator/“User management”/“Password parameters”, field “Logon identification” - perhaps you can use UserName as login…?

UserId is 5 characters long - that I cannot change. I’ll use the “User name” instead of “User ID” for the login screen. What do I use for userID when I create the users ??? I’ll have to look at “CreatedBy” and “ModifiedBy” fields from time to time. What do you use for userID? Any Logic?